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Build Improve Restructure

Using feedback to shape your business

What do you want to achieve?

For our clients, we invest our time, our energy and even our money when we think this will help our clients achieve their objectives.  

What do our clients have in common?

First, they tend to be the owners, directors and senior managers of a business or organisation.

Second, they are looking to achieve very different outcomes from what their current business strategies are likely to achieve.

Typically, our clients are looking to achieve one of the following outcomes:

  • Build their business - either by acquisition or organic growth.
  • Improve their business - by increasing sales, profitability or cashflow.
  • Restructure their business - saving the business or saving the stakeholders. 
Third, our clients are busy people who are often experts in their industry and their functional expertise (eg Sales, Marketing, Technical, Operations, R&D).  

To achieve their objectives, they acknowledge they may not have all of the following bases covered:

  • The experience in making the changes required.
  • The expertise to make the changes required.
  • The time to make the changes required.

If the process of changing a business was simple, then:

  • More than 30% of all mergers would be successful.
  • Money, time and energy would not be wasted on unintended outcomes.
  • The people within the business would not be thinking 'here we go again, another great idea from management that will fail'......

implementing The right solutions

Consulting solutions and consulting methodologies are a dime a dozen.  Many consultants have a methodology which they wish to overlay on your business.  In other words, you have to fit in with how they like to operate.

We think we are a little bit different.

We do not ask you to work within our constraints.  We do not offer you a methodology which you have to use.  

We start with what you want to achieve.  And, we help you get clarify on this issue where this may not be 100% clear for you.

We then use our knowledge, experience and expertise of what works to identify ways to achieve what you want to achieve.  Many of these solutions will involve the expertise of others.  That is ok with us and in fact we encourage the input of others who have relevant expertise and experience.

One thing we know....  solutions which work are based upon feedback obtained from your stakeholders - your clients, your employees and your suppliers being the 3 main groups. 

In all our investments, consulting assignments, turnaround assignments and restructuring assignments, we consistently find that feedback is the best place to start when developing the right solutions. In fact, we think it is essential to ask for feedback before you start implementing solutions.

Solutions which aren't based upon feedback and which don't uncover what your stakeholders want and need will be more likely to fail.  

And, the cost of implementing failed solutions is high.  Failed solutions cost you money, time and energy and sap your management and employee morale - plus there is the opportunity cost of what you could have been doing.

Solutions may focus on business strategies, sales and marketing, operations, people or finance.  

And typically, the right solutions involve all these aspects as all these aspects of your business are integrated.  For example, a sales solution which does not take into account the impact on operations, logistics, supply chain, employee resources and finance will be likely to run into problems.  And not good problems if the client is not supplied on time with quality products and services.

Typically, the right solutions are based around a couple of simple concepts:

  • Analysis - before changes are made, a clear starting point needs to be determined - and agreed.
  • Feedback - research supports the view that successful businesses (and successful people) respond to feedback when making changes.  
  • Measurement - it is important to measure those outcomes you want to see change.  Change for the sake of change is really inefficient and ineffective

a surprising insight into our solutions

We have built our business with a focus on Restructuring businesses.  (We even do insolvency appointments as a last resort when no other options are available).

Our restructuring experience and expertise provides a number of unique benefits and insights for our clients:

  • Changes need to have a payback which works for you.
  • Businesses which don't handle the process of change have the potential to be one of those 4 in 5 businesses which do not survive.
  • The right strategic processes which turn businesses from uncertainty into positive growth also help prevent businesses unintentionally slipping up along the way as changes are implemented.

This experience has also taught us is that a lot of good businesses which end up needing restructuring advice could have had a very different outcome with some good strategic advice, saving them time, money, energy and stress.

As a result, we now find ourselves working with start ups as well as mature, profitable businesses, advising business owners and Boards so they put in place strategies which will allow them to Build their business and Improve their business rather than have to Restructure their business.

the importance of feedback

As Sam Walden of Kmart fame once said:  

There is only one boss.  The customer.  And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.

House of Business

Research confirms what Sam said.

Successful 'best in class' businesses, listen to their customers then do what their customers need them to do.  

Successful businesses generate more sales, more profits and more cash.  

Successful businesses are strong and well balanced across all their key areas.  A bit like a well built house.  (Take a peak at what makes a house of business strong and resilient).

And, when it is time to sell, successful businesses can fetch an additional 1 to 3 times extra multiples of their (higher) earnings (you do the maths on your business – this can be a big number). 

quick tip:  3 things successful sustainable and successful businesses do well

Low Hanging Fruit
  • They harvest low hanging fruit in their business, taking the quick wins when they appear.

  • Sign
  • They avoid business insanity – doing the same things over and over again but expecting different results.

  • And, they retain more happy chappies!

  • Happy Chappies

BIR Solutions – what you need we deliver

If you want a resilient, successful business, with a strong focus on your customers and other stakeholders, then we might be able to help you.
The team at BIR Solutions would love to help you identify and pick your low hanging fruit, avoid business insanity and encourage those chappies to be happy chappies!

Two reasons to give us a call

   #1  If you would like more sales, more profits and more cash.
#2  If you would like to stop shrinking sales, shrinking profits and shrinking cash.

Either way, ring 1300 783 309 for a no obligation, confidential chat.  
Our clients find feedback is illuminating, reaffirming, and often surprising.  But, most importantly, they find feedback drives their business in the right direction

Things we do for you

Identify, analyse, implement....
  • Business strategies which work and which are aligned to the needs of your shareholders and directors
  • Sales strategies built around customer retention & referrals
  • Putting the right people in the right jobs so they perform at higher levels and stay longer
  • Leadership development so your whole team performs
  • 3 way financial forecasts for banks & investors
  • Business finance solutions which align available cash with your business needs
  • Restructuring unprofitable and cash strapped businesses
  • Negotiation with stakeholders so everyone works together
Ring 1300 783 309 for a no obligation, confidential chat or contact us at

Things you can do without giving us a call
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  • Check out our free resources at The Vault – articles and videos and recommended reading which will allow you to avoid a dose of business insanity (doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results).
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